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Restoring One of Your Basic Needs

When the unthinkable happens, a homeowner's immediate focus becomes life's basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. Fire Clean quickly and conveniently solves one of these concerns, so you can focus on returning back to your daily life.

Focus on Your Daily Life

We will work to relieve your stresses and burdens.


to your sense of urgency

We will work with your insurance company and restoration contractor. We will compile a detailed inventory of damaged clothing, and fabric articles. We can also help you get two weeks of clothing delivered to your temporary housing within 24 - 48 hours for you and each member of your family. We immediately get to work with one goal in mind “To restore your peace of mind."

Your Best Team

working for your interest

We have built the best team, and use effective processes for working with homeowners and their insurance providers. Odors caused by fire and water are easily removed with our ozone generator chamber. The most important part of our procedures include the attentiveness and safe keeping we take with your personal belongings. Be rest assured that we care like mom.


Your Peace of Mind

After effectively removing odors from garments and other fabric items, we will store these items in our secure climate controlled facility until your home is repaired and you are able to accept them. Until then the most important thing is you the homeowner feel comfortable with the process and the services we provide. We work to relieve your stresses and burdens..

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